The 'What Is Movement' (WIM)


What Is Movement was created with the mission to inspire people to inhabit their bodies and connect to movement styles that resonate for them.

The Show

What Is Movement (WIM) interviews athletes, movement artists, performance artists, athletes with disabilities and every day people who love to move and feel and it has been an integral part of their lives. We explore the ways that movement heals physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually and delineate how movement enhances other aspects of life.

Throughout the course of the show talented movers are showcased in their element doing what they love. They will teach the interviewer, Courtenay Turner some practice, skill or specific movement that is pertinent to their story. Each episode alone tells the inspiring tale of over-comers who are a testament to the human spirit and Courtenay’s personal journy is the connecting fabric!

“All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are their unique creative expressions.”

– Courtenay Turner

What Is Movement (WIM: Episode 1

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