Ep 2: Good vs Evil | The Courtenay Turner Podcast

Courtenay Turner [00:00]
Hi! Welcome to The Courtney Turner podcast. I’m your host, Courtney, and I’m super passionate about moving and thinking. On this show, we are going to dive into all things health, fitness, personal development, lifestyle, politics, social and cultural. I’ve always been fascinated by people and I love learning from the experiences and stories of others. This has been a treat for me and I hope this is enjoyable and useful for you as well. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or any way that I can make this a better experience for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am back here with Eric Shine. We are actually going to start our own show together. So he is co-hosting with me today. We have a super exciting guest. Alex Newman, who is a journalist, and he’s coming on in about 10 minutes. How are you doing, Eric?

Eric Shine [00:52]
I’m doing pretty good. As we speak, I’m going to ping Alex, because I did not do that before we start.

Courtenay Turner [01:00]
All right. Let’s do that. Yeah, no, that would be bad. Our guest of honor is nada.

Eric Shine [01:11]
But that’s what I’m doing. But let’s talk. Yeah, we’re doing the intro basically. Or this show today. For the lead in into bringing Alex Newman on the program. And Alex just was on the Mike Adams show. And if the audience doesn’t know. You really like Mike Adams. Again.

Courtenay Turner [01:36]
I’m a huge fan.

Eric Shine [01:38]
He’s a patriot. And I’ll leave it at that. Yeah. And Mike, Mike is you know, he’s been fighting. What’s the name of his show? The?

Courtenay Turner [01:49]
Yes. Ah, what is your I know, I just dropped your blank and I yeah, cuz I just listened this morning. And it’s the video that’s going around, Christine. Is it Conquest? Or?

Eric Shine [02:04]
I’m not sure what the one where he appeared on Mike Adams. Alex Newman. There’s a really good video out with Alex Newman on Mike Adams show. Yeah. Something warrior health Horton.

Courtenay Turner [02:17]
It’s not helpful. He said the health Ranger health Ranger. Yeah, he’s a health Ranger report, he does this daily situation updates. So I’m really excited about bringing Alex Newman on, and especially with Eric and I together because I think he’s going to be a great conduit to explain and tie in some of these greater concepts together, and to give context to them. So I have a lot of strong understanding in the philosophy, you know, my background philosophy, psychology, and I have done a lot of research. And I have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of kind of cultural Marxist philosophy, and how that’s

Eric Shine [03:01]
Not promoting it, but.

Courtenay Turner [03:02]
No, not at all. But how? Yeah, we’ll be very clear on that. I cannot support it. And I got said, but I,

Eric Shine [03:12]
I understand you, you have to know your enemy.

Courtenay Turner [03:15]
Exactly. Exactly. And my understanding it comes from where how its infiltrated in through the five pillars of our current society. And Eric has a much stronger understanding of, you know, the globalist or royalist forces that have really dominated for the past 100 years. And I think, more than that, but well, if we’re going back to the half for sure. 1300 years, yes. So but who’s counting? Right, you know, but I think Alex is going to be a really great person to kind of tie some of these together, we can make some of those connections, see how the royalists and along with the global elite and the communist leaders, you know, have used these tools and tactics and use China, which everybody’s very, you know, that the forefront of most people’s minds today in this country, and

Eric Shine [04:17]
how, when he talked to Mike Adams, in the interview, he did bring up about how and I believe it was Alex, how it was the royalists from Europe, who worked with the royal families, the dynastic families in China, to come up with and use communism in China.

Courtenay Turner [04:38]
Absolutely. Absolutely. I and two, yeah, so I what I’d love for people to get an understanding of is how they’re using these tools one of being the CCP and communist Marxist ideology, in order to achieve totalitarian regimes

Eric Shine [04:57]
or even extreme capitalism, which is corporate Which, you know, goes to Mussolini and more where they, they have these private part, you know, private public partnerships, which is fascism.

Courtenay Turner [05:09]
Absolutely. And I did want to just make the distinction for the audience that, you know, not capitalism in the sense where a lot of Americans think of capitalism as being, you know, or free free market. That’s typically what we think of is capitalism. But this is capitalism, in the extreme sense, as Karl Marx described it, because he actually coined the term. So yeah,

Eric Shine [05:31]
Scary stuff, man.

Courtenay Turner [05:32]
Yeah, definitely, definitely. But, you know, as we keep saying, knowledge is power. So I think we’re at a time where it’s really incumbent upon the American citizens to really, to have the intellectual curiosity. Yeah. And to understand what powers we do have, and to, you know, take back our exercise our freedoms,

Eric Shine [05:55]
the constitution and Bill of Rights is that power, because it’s such You see, and even now, with the Electoral College, that that issue is a lot more complex than the three fifths majority that they try to point to and say that oh, well, that made black people three fifths of a human being. And that’s not even close to what went on and all of that,

Courtenay Turner [06:14]
not even close, not even close. And I think that is something that is really misconstrued.

Eric Shine [06:20]
Yes. And there’s and, and we’ve talked about prior to the show, and even after Alex came to the forefront, and Mike’s you know, he’s been out there inviting this for a long time and writing a lot. And he’s got a lot of good books out there. And what’s his new book?

Courtenay Turner [06:39]
Alex’s new book? Yeah. It’s the the deep state. Let me find it again. That Yes, it’s the the deep state is the title. But then the subtitle is the invisible government behind the scenes, in parentheses, constitutional principles. The title alone, like sums up everything that we’re talking about,

Eric Shine [07:05]
yeah, what I came up against these guys, they came after me, and they still are coming after me. And that’s why I put out you know, hey, I need some help. Yeah, circle the wagons, so to speak. But, um, they absolutely.

Courtenay Turner [07:16]
And that’s something that I, you know, the more people understand about our Constitution, and about how our government works, they can understand how we can stand up for each other in order to defend freedom because it sets the precedent.

Eric Shine [07:33]
Yes, but my point was that, um, I’ve come up against some of these individuals and identified who they are like Archie Morgan, the fourth, who’s related to JP Morgan, who went to my Academy at Kings point. They’re using our, you know, not just admissions to but attendance and graduation from our federal military service academies, to inculcate those who would better serve whether they know it or not, or realize it or not an Archie Morgan, does he, you know, is his heir apparent to JP Morgan, who helped start our civil war as an agent for the crown. And that’s where I’m pointing to and

Courtenay Turner [08:18]
let me just interject on that. Because it’s very relevant to what’s going on today, though, they want to inject war because they want to breed chaos. It makes us weaker as a nation. And I think that’s really important for you know, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. So it’s really important for people to understand that these foreign adversaries and these, you know, agents, like you’re saying, are trying to instill chaos and divide us you know, you look like a house divided cannot stand so

Eric Shine [08:43]
right. And that’s why they enter the Democratic Party against the republican party when it was one in the same kradic Republican Party under Jefferson the and and in World War Two, and you point to and you can throw the Cold War in World War One and more end to where they use the national security umbrella as a landbridge, so to speak, from nation to nation, where the Catholic Church, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, helped funnel Nazis, from Nazi Germany into the United States and throughout the world through something called paperclip

Courtenay Turner [09:21]
to something called what

Eric Shine [09:22]
paperclip? You’ve never heard a paperclip

Courtenay Turner [09:24]
paperclip? Yeah. Hey, maybe explain a little bit about it. We have three minutes before he should come on to

Eric Shine [09:33]
that all now you got me all tongue tied, because Alex is coming on. And I’m

Courtenay Turner [09:37]

Eric Shine [09:39]
But the thing we want before any of that is I’d like to touch on is that you’ve targeted for one of the better term and it’s, you know, I guess an appropriate term. What’s going on with China and Feinstein’s chauffeur and swalwell, and all of these people out here in California who are sitting in seats of public power and trust, who’ve been compromised by the giant vise Chinese spies by the Chinese government and CCP. And then I’m trying to take that and, you know, this is going on on the Western Front, so to speak out here in California. And China’s deeply involved, but behind that, and if you look to Hutchinson, Juan po and other things that are talked about and brought up and discussed with you, it was a Chinese, it was actually a British Corporation taken over by the Chinese run by the People’s Liberation Army, the, you know, army of China that are of the CCP, that george bush, George W. Bush tried to turn scanning of our cargo over to the Chinese. And that was George Bush, and he’s a republican. Right. And he’s also a hopper. He’s related to, you know,

Courtenay Turner [10:58]
publican, he’s definitely part of the deep state that, you know, the term

Eric Shine [11:04]
foreign powers, and you know, and he became president. And I would say, Ronald Reagan and others, too, and I not to, you know, throw some kind of a kerfuffle, on people’s beliefs and love of certain people and whatever, when you start digging deep into your homework, and this is one thing, you know, and we could ask, ask Alex about this, sharing about getting knighted by the crown and how

Courtenay Turner [11:28]
Yeah, I’d be very, I’d be very curious to hear his thoughts on that. Absolutely. titles

Eric Shine [11:33]
of nobility act from 1806. And more. You know, that’s,

Courtenay Turner [11:38]
we we that was 1806. Yeah. Oh, interesting. So it was a year before the insurrection act?

Eric Shine [11:44]
Well, and it was also a leader

Courtenay Turner [11:47]
was 1807, as

Eric Shine [11:49]
well, yeah. But john adams, what do you think Adams was Adams is a royalist loyalists, he wanted to be called Your Excellencies.

Courtenay Turner [11:57]
You know, I really have chills I that that’s, that fascinates how far back it goes? Well, it’s not just how far back it goes. But you know, think about the, you know, the relevance of it, and how it’s intertwined.

Eric Shine [12:09]
Well, and yeah, because they’ve gotten so deep into it is, and people don’t realize it’s not Democratic and Republican, and it may be or appear to be,

Courtenay Turner [12:19]
um, I do want to address like, you know, certainly I the it’s not about republican democrats currently, I think it’s about patriots versus trade verse. Exactly.

Eric Shine [12:31]
But you know, you want

Courtenay Turner [12:33]
to make one Yeah, exactly. I do want to make one point, though, is that the, the communist witch, you know, we can say they’re a tool, an agent of the, the crown, the royalists, the elite. However, they have always aligned with the Democratic Party. They, you know, the Communist Party USA aligned with the Democratic Party in 1919, so almost 100 years, a little over 100 years ago. And they, you know, they’ve done it through,

Eric Shine [13:03]
they’ve infiltrated both parties.

Courtenay Turner [13:05]
They have infiltrated both parties, but they very formally aligned with the Democratic Party.

Eric Shine [13:11]
That also,

Courtenay Turner [13:12]
allegiances has been with the Democratic Party, you know, the end

Eric Shine [13:17]
with labor unions, which was

Courtenay Turner [13:20]
Exactly, and their idea, their philosophies have also always been aligned with leftist ideology,

Courtenay Turner [13:27]
which makes collectivism.

Courtenay Turner [13:29]
Exactly, exactly, um, you know, they and the, you know, all of the, you know, schools of thought that came out of the Frankfurt School, which was the It started in this country in 1923, at the Institute for Social Research at Columbia University. So, it all come from you, they’ve they’ve tied themselves to the Democratic Party. I’m not saying that there haven’t been any communist infiltration that in the Republican Party, we that we’re seeing that right now, obviously. On both sides.

Eric Shine [14:04]
Yeah. And that’s my point is trust, but verify, you know, speaking of Columbia University, a book that we’ve talked about by Columbia law professor Philip Palmer, is administrative law unlawful. And in his book, he basically says, yes, it is it’s unconstitutional, unlawful there. He has a smaller that’s a tough read. It’s a it’s a larger book, but if you can fight your way through it, I recommend it. But he has a 65 page book called The administrative threat. And if you can pick it up, I would because it gets into one of the larger mechanisms that they have used. That results in tyranny, which you know, we’ve talked a lot on a number of shows about the three great powers as identified by Montesquieu. The legislative that makes the laws the executive that enforces the laws, and the judicial that decides any disputes from under the law or outside the law. Right. And those were brought together under the federal Administrative Procedure Act of 1947. So for 73 years we’ve been living under not knowing it tyranny, because even Madison said, any two of the great powers together is tyranny. And that was in federalist number 51, I

Courtenay Turner [15:32]
believe 1788. JD. Wow, you bring up a really interesting point, we have talked quite a bit about Montesquieu, and one of the things that during this year, as I’ve started to dive more into our boundaries and the origins of this nation, what I’ve been so impressed by is just how erudite our founding fathers for they studied it and read so much these ancient civilizations they look

Eric Shine [16:02]
at a lot of other people.

Courtenay Turner [16:05]
Yep, absolutely. And then they,

Eric Shine [16:07]
they added to it. Absolutely.

Courtenay Turner [16:10]
And they also made sure to put provisions against things that they saw went wrong in other societies,

Eric Shine [16:17]
like the Electoral College, which is a lot more complex and more protective than people,

Courtenay Turner [16:22]
you know, our whole genius, truly genius. Yes. And I love talking about how they studied Ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and the electoral college was derived from the awareness that the Athenian didn’t really represent most of the country, and that their values were very different from the rural farmer in Greece. And that was one of the core tenants and awarenesses that they came to that helped them to create the electoral college.

Eric Shine [16:51]
And that’s why we have different size states. And the the map looks the way it does, exactly. You know, they could have easily made all of these states the same size in land, and or population. But it’s a very complex system, which is hard to subvert internally. But they’ve been working hard at it for you know, since our inception,

Courtenay Turner [17:17]
we really have,

Eric Shine [17:18]
and I brought up. And we’ve talked about before, how when Washington became our first president, and set the standard of serving two terms and then stepping down, right. He also, they tried to put one of their cousins, in as our first president rather than Washington. And they’ve been at this ever since trying to take back what they see is their land, their property, and not just the land as property but us, we the people, as their property because they that’s their system. We’re not sovereigns in our own right, we’re not citizens, we’re subjects. And we’re subject to anything that they wish, because they don’t have to follow the law.

Courtenay Turner [18:02]
Right, and that it is the law that protects the citizens that protects Americans. That’s why it’s so incumbent upon us to understand our laws and our rights and to defend them.

Eric Shine [18:15]
And that was fought for even by Lord Koch in a constitutional monarchy in England. So a lot of the things and this is an important point, is that England, London, the UK and all the protectorates or colonies or nation states or whatever, that are part of the United Kingdom. They live in a common law country. Right? So do we, even in a democratic republic, that our courts, and what goes on in our courts matters. And this goes to, you know, case precedents and more like even what’s going on with me where I’ve been up against, basically, on my own, standing up against a branch of military that I’m not in, as identified me as a civilian, has used military law and the Military Commissions Act of 2006. And the Military Commissions Act of 2008. And then National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which you know, Obama put in and the language there and to say that it’s okay to prosecute me even though there’s Supreme Court case law, you know, against this in reverse COVID-19 57, that we don’t use our military to carry on civilian law enforcement or civilian affairs. And that is exactly what’s going on in the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, and the people that were behind it, and the movement of the Coast Guard into the Department of Homeland Security, not as a civil service, but as a special standalone branch of military that can involve itself in and even adjudicate and promulgate laws from adjudication, civilian law. And that’s not our system by any stretch of the imagination.

Courtenay Turner [20:05]
Right? Right. Not at all. And that is scary. It’s a really scary direction to have gone in. And we need to reverse that.

Eric Shine [20:15]
The department of homeland security needs to be shut down.

Courtenay Turner [20:18]
Yeah, for sure. dissolved,

Eric Shine [20:19]
we were in a better position. And and this goes to like, even 911. The people that I mean, how can you have an exercise that is identical to 911 being run by the federal government at the very same time? The same thing happens, right? It’s in the 911 Commission Report, if anybody would pick it up and read it, to where it outlines in details that we were running a live exercise at the time that mirrored exactly what happened on 911.

Courtenay Turner [20:53]
Oh, and When was this?

Eric Shine [20:56]
Right, as 911 was happening.

Courtenay Turner [21:00]
So there was a

Eric Shine [21:02]
exercise a government plan. And yeah, they plan. And because even Condoleezza Rice comes in and says, oh, there’s no way we could have ever imagined that something like this would happen. Wait, wait, you guys were running an exercise?

Courtenay Turner [21:17]
But when did they finish this exercise?

Eric Shine [21:19]
Right, right is 911 was happening. That’s why there were people this in the 911 Commission Report, if anybody would bother to pick it up,

Courtenay Turner [21:27]
how long is this report?

Eric Shine [21:28]
It’s pretty thick. It’s it’s Yeah,

Courtenay Turner [21:30]
these reports are always like, like 5593 pages, which is

Eric Shine [21:36]
what it was done. It was done by the executive branch.

Courtenay Turner [21:40]
Well, what’s so fascinating to me about this, is that we’re you know, we’re in this quote, unquote, global pandemic is unknown novel virus, right. And didn’t gate do event to a one that finished in October, I think, was like October 19, the year before 2019. I mean, they’ve been working on it for a few years, but it was finished, it released about a year before this COVID-19 was released. And it was all about this. It was exactly like, What if there was

Eric Shine [22:13]
no COVID? I mean, if you think about it, we talked about this,

Courtenay Turner [22:17]
but my point is just how interesting you’re talking about, they were staging this exercise. And then 911. They were they were carrying on. And they had they had done a simulation of what if, you know, like a COVID-19 happened? And the neck?

Eric Shine [22:35]
exercises or whatever? Yeah.

Courtenay Turner [22:38]
It’s very interesting. coincidence. Yeah.

Eric Shine [22:40]
Well, no, and that’s because that’s who and what is involved? Is that they cuz even in the middle of 911, there were people involved in all of it, whether it was Air Force, or whomever, military and or, you know, federal personnel. Were saying, you know, is this live? I’m sorry. I thought I turned it off. Sorry about that, um, who were saying, is this live? Or is this exercise? Is this live? Or is this real? You know? Or is this part of, you know, and because they were confused, they didn’t know, right? That’s why like, jets were flown out to sea, instead of intercepting, you know, the airliners and shooting them down before they hit the buildings, if that was a viable option, or so ordered to, you know, save or stop what was going on, like, and we’ve talked, like I mentioned and thrown out to you about the 1993 bombing. Mm hmm. And how that was done, to not only figure out how much explosive was needed to take down the buildings on 911, but also to get at the plans for the building. Because to take down the building, you need the plans, and I don’t care anybody can say whatever. But at some point, if you’re if you want to carry on demolition, which is what happened, there’s no way those planes took down the buildings, they were, you know, clearly demolished, and that goes to where we’re at now. These are the kind of people that we’re dealing with, that do not think anything of killing other people. In fact, that is their goal. And that was one of the things that Alex Newman said on Mike Adams program. What happened, Alex? You sent the link.

Courtenay Turner [24:45]
I did. Did you see it? I sent it to you. Yeah.

Eric Shine [24:48]
Yeah. So and it just gets into that. You know, I don’t I don’t know what is happened with Alex. Um, oh, you know what probably happened. His wife is having this Baby.

Courtenay Turner [25:00]
Oh, that’s right any

Eric Shine [25:04]
day, so?

Courtenay Turner [25:05]
Oh my goodness,

Eric Shine [25:06]
I didn’t even think of that. So,

Courtenay Turner [25:08]
yeah, I think he’s on number six. No 505. So this

Eric Shine [25:14]
is what I thought too, but he’s confirmed.

Courtenay Turner [25:16]
This is five, okay. He’s doing his part to continue the species because we are dying out.

Eric Shine [25:25]
Well, and he even talked about what he’s, you know, focused on and talking about China and what’s going on there and swallow and all these other people find Simon more. He did talk about and bring up Cecil Rhodes. Mm hmm. And Cecil rows, if you look into who was was an agent for the crown,

Courtenay Turner [25:42]
right, and he talks about Cecil Rhodes and the, the council for foreign

Eric Shine [25:49]
Yeah, CFR Council. And also, you know, you can talk about blood diamonds and or diamonds, De Beers and more. It’s much like, you know, the Rothschilds in gold. Yeah. And that’s one of the things that they’re doing right now like, service, the 300 dogs, their guards, Hades, this Investment Corporation, which like the Carlyle Group, right? Bought Albertsons. And so what they’re doing is they’re taking, like for gold, and the Rothschilds and others, because it’s not just the Rothschilds, there’s plenty of other people that are making money off of all the machinations that they’re playing out in the market and wherever. And even in production and mining, to where they take the gold off of the market to play with market dynamics in supply and demand to raise the price artificially. So that now the the gold or diamonds that they just took off the market, and put it in their own vaults is worth a lot more. And they don’t even have to mind because they can make a heck of a lot more money by dealing with market dynamics, which is like what

Courtenay Turner [26:56]
Enron did and manipulating the supply. Yeah,

Eric Shine [27:00]
supply and demand economics. And that’s what’s going on like at food, water, energy, etc, to where they’re manipulating the market. And they’re even using things like the the story or tale or fable or theology, whatever you want to call it, about the Antichrist. And taking that seizing that and using it to scare the, you know, crap out of people. And is that a bad word? Is that one of those seven doors that is, you know, like Carlin talked about, I don’t know if crap qualifies, but if I use a different craft as but

Courtenay Turner [27:39]
I don’t think that’s officially, like,

Eric Shine [27:43]
ah, I would probably

Courtenay Turner [27:46]
write it that might qualify.

Eric Shine [27:48]
And I’m not talking about my last name as h i n e. m. Yeah, no, I’m disappointed that we don’t have Alex.

Courtenay Turner [27:57]
I know, I’m, I’m checking.

Eric Shine [28:05]
And hopefully, his wife is beyond the birth of their new child.

Courtenay Turner [28:11]

Eric Shine [28:11]
I think he said it was a baby boy, they had done Oh, what’s your sounder? Oh. So I don’t know if that’s what’s going on? Or if we just have a glitch in the system, or?

Courtenay Turner [28:28]
Yeah, I mean, I haven’t seen him come through so.

Eric Shine [28:34]
So congratulations on your baby, if that’s what happened, that

Courtenay Turner [28:38]
hopefully that is what it is. And then that would be great reason for him not to be here. And let’s

Eric Shine [28:44]
let’s continue to talk about the one thing that we discussed off air in advance and and other programs. And I know you want to focus on to a degree, of course, China and what’s going on with it. And I think it’s much more in your face, right? Because of the difference. We have a lot of Chinese here in America

Courtenay Turner [29:09]
first. Yeah. Chinese Americans are not that that’s not what we’re what we’re discussing that the issue is the CCP and the

Eric Shine [29:19]
you know, although and i would i would qualify that myself. Because we are because there are people like the guy who started zoom was a Chinese I mean, even the kerosene lamp lamb the US Attorney involved in my stuff. She was a she’s now lead counsel for Qualcomm. She’s

Courtenay Turner [29:41]
sweet Is this the same lamb Isn’t she part of the CFR and the she totally like co opted she’s on CCP if you want to

Eric Shine [29:52]
get my cuz um, she blocked me from getting into federal court and She was fired by bush. And I don’t think it was a straight up like, hey, you’re not doing good. fired, I think it was more to give her cover on she goes to work as legal counsel in China for Qualcomm, right. But she was born in China, and nothing against that. But if you come to America, you’re supposed to protect and defend our constitution and Bill of Rights and our way of life, right not be involved in attacking it. And this is where it kind of goes to the bigger issue, like what you’ve talked about. And what I’ve talked about is the marriage of China and Chinese nationals who are more beholding to China than the United States, right? Which is the same thing, and I think it’s more insidious, and more dangerous. And I hate to throw the term out, but I didn’t create it. White Anglo Saxon Protestant, which is, you know, saxe Coburg Gotha people who are German or have German ancestry, or even European who have come to the United States or been in the United States, even from a revolutionary war, and their families, and and, you know, brothers, sisters, uncles, brothers, cousins, not all of them are more beholding to, and like living in a kingdom rather than in a constitutional republic. And that there’s a and I believe it’s more insidious, like you said, like you pointed out, China’s in your face, you know, you know, the chauffeur for Dianne Feinstein was a Chinese spy for 20 years and chauffeuring her around and that’s just a small even swalwell

Courtenay Turner [31:46]
it doesn’t go to his timing literally in bed with the Chinese spy. Yeah, for decades

Eric Shine [31:51]
it appears um, but this this other hand in all of this, and I believe that they are you know, even like with Hitler, there was a lot of Americans like Disney, Walt Disney, who helped fund the brown shirts in Nazi Germany. The Bush’s they had three companies homburger America lines was one union Banking Corporation, I believe was another and there’s a third that were seized by FDR for trading with the Nazis. Middle of World War Two. And and we know Samuel and Prescott Bush, were war profiteers, right? Like, I’m trying to think of the Dresden was the one city supposedly in Europe that didn’t get out of Dresden was carpet bomb. But it was Warburg is building somehow was the only thing left standing in Dresden.

Courtenay Turner [32:55]
Oh, interesting.

Eric Shine [32:56]
And that’s and whether it’s a euphemism to show how much power these people have, allegedly, or in reality, right? They do. But the key is, and this is something that Alex really, you know, hit on was that they’re evil. And I hate it. I’m not like, you know, mincing words here. Yeah, they are believers of a death call they are involved in and want people dead, not alive. They’re on the choice side of abortion. Or they would rather see regardless, they would rather see babies killed.

Courtenay Turner [33:31]
Right. And I do think, in general, like regardless of one’s beliefs, this is very much a spiritual battle between good versus evil. And I think it is even in the ideological sense, what we’re seeing is a war on freewill. And

Eric Shine [33:48]
freewill, it’s like they want to enslave us to a molecular level. Exactly. And DNA RNA

Courtenay Turner [33:56]
and freewill is what defines humans, human beings have free will. That is, what is it that is the epitome of being human. It’s God given Exactly.

Eric Shine [34:06]
As I always say, an alien of all but I guess alien.

Courtenay Turner [34:09]
That that is woven into the fabric of our founding documents in that is one of the core tenants we are founded on Judeo Christian values, regardless of whether you subscribe to whether you’re a Jew or a Christian, those values and those principles are what the founding documents are based upon and the Christian drive yet Judeo Christian values and they drive the principles of our society and our laws. And one of those primary tenants is that we are endowed with inalienable rights, but it is up to the fruit. However, it’s up to the freewill of man to defend those rights. As an example, understanding our rights and understanding our Constitution.

Eric Shine [34:53]
You you and someone else cannot agree to violate the 13th amendment against slavery. You cannot vote. Even if you come into a contract. Aaron Lee or not or agree, you both agree to it. That’s illegal. You can’t override the 13th amendment yourself. It’s the same thing like a law. If you you cannot work with someone else. That’s called conspiracy, you know, to commit fraud or whatever.

Courtenay Turner [35:24]
But buzz word.

Eric Shine [35:27]
Right that Oh, a conspiracy theorist is

Courtenay Turner [35:31]
the term weaponized by the CIA actually in 1907. Yeah. And it’s basically

Eric Shine [35:37]
just me,

Courtenay Turner [35:38]
it was just a variation of Herbert Marcuse days liberating tolerance. And in Herbert Marcuse days liberating tolerance, he literally said, You accept everything that comes from the left, and you reject everything from the right. I believe we have Alex here.

Eric Shine [35:53]
Welcome to the show.

Alex Newman [35:55]
Yes. So thank you guys so much for having me.

Courtenay Turner [35:58]
Yeah, thank you so much, what a way to start the new year, I am so honored to have you on Alex, I really, really, truly appreciate your work, and your like commitment to journalistic integrity and standing for traditional American values. I feel like that’s kind of lost lately. So

Alex Newman [36:15]
thank you so much. I’m really honored to be here as well.

Eric Shine [36:18]
like to bring up your latest book coming out. I’m just gonna throw out some stuff. Real quick. We saw your video with Mike Adams, which was stellar, I think. Thank you for that. And Mike is a true champion as well.

Alex Newman [36:35]
Yes, if anybody

Eric Shine [36:36]
doesn’t know about Mike Adams, check them out. And check out your interview on there. But in there, you talked about China a lot. He also touched on Cecil Rhodes. And I would like to if you can marry China together. And our our old adversaries and I would say Europe as a whole. But I point more to and you know, you mentioned Cecil Rhodes. And what Rhodes was all about, I say that Rose was an agent of the crown. And that a lot of what we’re dealing with right now is and Sidney Powell just mentioned that in an interview about she believes that it wasn’t just me, like retired, that it was the, you know, British government that was deeply involved, not only in the steel dossier. But I say a lot of what is going on now, in the world, if not here in America, but I would also throw out names like JP Morgan, and others, and then throw it back to you. Yeah,

Alex Newman [37:40]
no, that all sounds excellent. And, you know, I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking into Russell roads, and I think you’re right, I think the the connection with the British crown is clear. And so is the connection with the Rothschild banking dynasty. Yes. You know, a lot of people don’t realize that he got his a lot of his funding for his mining Empire straight from the Rothschild dynasty.

Eric Shine [38:04]
When the Rothschilds also JP Morgan, because it was JP Morgan, that helped insider Civil War, funded both sizes, Civil War, profited from both sides of the Civil War, took down American financial houses at the time and restored him to, you know, crown possessions, and was backed by his father, who was an English banker backed by the crown. And I would throw out also rupert murdoch, in all of this and why people are complaining about our media, and why they’re backing, you know, certain positions.

Alex Newman [38:36]
So yeah, absolutely.

Courtenay Turner [38:39]
We were discussing before you came on is that I think you might be really great at kind of explaining the, it’s a very deep interweb that we’re dealing with currently. And I think certainly this year, a lot of people have become aware of the threat that is Communist China, the CCP, people are becoming much more aware of that. But I don’t think that they’re necessarily aware of the exact ties to the deep state, the ties to and how China or the CCP, or even the communist philosophy and ideology is being used as a tool by, you know, more totalitarian authoritarian regimes and Royals, then, you know,

Alex Newman [39:22]
well, that’s a great topic of discussion, and it’s an area that I’ve studied a lot. I’ve actually got quite a few on that exact topic. There’s a big revolution, right.

Courtenay Turner [39:31]
Okay. Yeah, so the Bolshevik Revolution, and actually, that was something else we were also just discussing was how, you know, right after the Bolshevik Revolution, and I think it was a, you know, in the early 1900s, I think it was Lenin, who had a meeting with Willie months and Berg and Antonio Gramsci, and he didn’t understand why this wasn’t spreading all throughout the West, all through Europe. You know, he’s like, great. We had this revolution. It was successful here, and it was Antonio Gramsci who kept saying, because it can’t be an economic revolution. Or a physical, you know, revolution has to be through the culture. And that was when they came, you know, the Institute for Research in 1923 and Columbia University. So yeah. Could you tell us a little bit how it’s all intertwined? intertwined?

Alex Newman [40:18]
I’d love to. So awesome. Let’s do it. Yeah.

Courtenay Turner [40:23]
Yeah. What do you see as how are they connected? Like, how has a communist China been used as a tool?

Alex Newman [40:31]
Oh, Are we recording? Oh, my goodness. So Communist China, I think really needs to be understood as not just a partner of the deep state in the United States, but even a tool of the deep state in the United States. And really, this goes back to the very beginning. The communists never would have been able to enslave China without the deliberate and crucial assistance of what I call the deep state in the Western world or the deep state behind the deep state. And as a very concrete specific examples, probably the most notorious of them would be the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State, his name was George Marshall. And he was instrumental in betraying our ally. So Chiang Kai Shek was the ruler of free China, and he had helped us defeat the Japanese during World War Two. He was fighting against the communists very successfully. He actually wanted to help us beat back the communists in Korea and the treasonous subversives within the Council on Foreign Relations. And our government said, No, no, no, no, no. In fact, we’re going to blockade that so that you can’t even send your forces to come and help us. Unbelievable what they did. They disarmed him, they put an arms embargo on him, they stabbed him in the back, our Congress had actually authorized massive military assistance for Chiang Kai Shek. And instead of providing that as required, the executive branch of the government filled with members of the Council on Foreign Relations said no, no, no, we’re not going to send any when they did finally send some it was just garbage stuff that they had no use for. So and you know, there was one more critical piece to this as well, again, with the crucial assistance of the deep state. So the subversives in our government encouraged Stalin and allowed Stalin to declare a war on Japan, literally right before the United States dropped the nuclear bomb on them. They knew very well the war was going to be completely and totally finished after those bombs were dropped, but they invited Stalin to dare declare war, just moments before all of that happened. That meant wants Japan was defeated. Soviet Russia was considered one of the victors. And so what happened as one of the victors Stalin got to occupy his piece of the former Japanese territory, especially Manchuria, where the Japanese had enormous stockpiles of weaponry of food, of armaments of ammunition. And so Stalin got to march right into Manchuria. And hey, look at all these military supplies. Let’s hand them over to Chairman Mao. Suddenly, the mass murdering butchering communists had all this military material. Chiang Kai Shek, on the other hand was disarmed by these same subversives. And so that enabled Mao to come to power. And then every step along the way from that point, up until today, the globalist in the West have been aiding and abetting Communist China. One of the ways that they did it This was especially ridiculous was to say, Well, hey, we need to the the Soviets came up with this sino Soviet split, and there was a defector. I’ve actually got a couple of his books behind me. New lies for old is one of them. Another is the perestroika deception. His name was Anatoly Gallucci, and he was in department D of the KGB back in the 1960s. And in the 70s. And what he said was, this is the disinformation department of the KGB. And so they were coming up with strategies to deceive the Western world. One of those strategies was to play up this sino Soviet split, of course, the communist were always working together, but they told the idiots in the West, you know, the gullible population to trade the traders in the deep state already knew full well what was going on. But there’s an Oh, the Soviet communist don’t get along with the Chinese Communist. And so our government, the subversives within our government use that as an excuse. Well, hey, let’s build up China so that they can turn away from the Soviets. Unbelievable deception that happened on a totally glitch and said that was 100% of disinformation operation. One more interesting thing he said, on this subject of deception, and he predicted this many, many years before it happened. Actually, these books were published in the early 1980s. He said there’s going to be a phony fraudulent collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, that’s going to be followed by a phony fraudulent collapse in the Soviet bloc. All along, the communists are going to retain power. He even identified some of the specific people he said Lech Walesa, for example, the Polish anti communist hero was working with the Soviet and people said, Oh, how ridiculous as the dumb is it? How could he possibly accuse this heroic man of being a Soviet agent? Of course now the documents have come out like follows us code name with the KGB was bolak. So we know exactly what was going on. He made something like 205 specific predictions and of those almost 200 have now come to pass, he had an incredible track record. And so you have, if we go back even further, from the very beginning, from the first Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the first successful communist revolution, we have documents from our State Department from the bankers involved, showing that it was funded and largely controlled by very powerful financial interests in Wall Street, very powerful financial interest in Germany. And so, you know, the history of communism is really a history of the elites, using this fraudulent so called ideology as a cover story for enslaving people for destroying nations for stealing freedom. And that brings us to today where you have these maniacs running around in our streets. panti fine Black Lives Matter the Marxist organization. I think many of them, the ones out in the street, burning buildings and looting and killing, they don’t realize that they’re being played, but at the upper levels, it is and always has been a movement of the Uber elites, and it’s been the case from the beginning. Wow, real quick,

Eric Shine [46:03]
if I could throw in on that was um, and I know you’re probably aware of it. But if you could touch on it, because I’m I’m saying the deep state is the Royals or royalists, and or their agents, whether it be Rothschilds or Morgan, etc, etc. Even rupert murdoch, to where it is England, they the German or British royal crown, the windsors who are saxe, Coburg Gotha, who are hops Berg’s, and in I don’t know if you know, Philip bought it. He wrote on the shield of Achilles war, peace in the course of history. In it, he talks about the hotspurs controlling European history for the last 1300 years. And you know, Obama is ninth cousin twice removed to George W. Bush. Bush’s father was knighted by the crown Reagan was knighted by the crown kiss. And that’s actually one thing I would ask that you touch on, if you would, about how important you know go into titles of nobility act of 1806. And more. How important it is that being knighted by the crown does mean something.

Alex Newman [47:20]
Yeah, I think the the British crown is and has been a critical component of the Deep State going back centuries, certainly. And you know, I don’t view necessarily the monarch to be the head of the deep state. In my view, I really look at this through a biblical lens. In my perspective, Satan is really their commander in chief. And he’s got, you know, a lot of minions very much including very powerful people, including monarchs, including presidents, including prime ministers and things like that. But it’s undeniable that the British Crown has been critical. And this is I mean, this is clear even to this day, right when they announced the great reset last June in June of 2020. They had four key speakers who were there to make the announcement. You had the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. That guy’s just like a cartoon villain. He’s so ridiculous. You had the head of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, a self proclaimed socialist, he was actually the leader of the Socialist International probably the most important alliance of Marxist socialist communist parties on planet earth today, you had the head of the IMF. Kristalina Georgieva comes from the you know, the gangster state of Bulgaria, which as we as we were just talking about earlier, despite the ostensible collapse of communism, the communist never punished right there, they just kind of shape shifted. And now you know, now they’re CEOs and politicians, and all the rest of it is still the same criminals, still the exact same criminals. So you’ve got Kristalina Georgieva, who’s running the IMF. And then you had Prince Charles as the fourth who says, Hey, we need to reset everything. We don’t have time to think about this, you just need to do what we say. So it’s very clear that they’re a part of this, the alliance between the Rothschilds and the British monarchy goes back at least at least two centuries. I mean, it was actually the Rothschilds who helped ensure the British victory over Napoleon’s forces. And they, I mean, they brag about this, it’s pretty open, they put their financial weight behind Britain, and thereby decided the fate of the war between the two most powerful governments on the planet at that time. And you know, of course, they have operations and agents in France, and they have in Germany and all over the place. They funded George Soros. So it really is your disgust? Oh, yeah. Oh, absolutely. In fact, the the George Soros operation got its start with Rothschild money. That money came through the bank levy in Switzerland back in the late 1960s. They put massive amounts of money into Soros, his quantum fund, and then you started seeing these incredible returns on this money and the way they do and, you know, I don’t have to be worried about being sued for libel here. George Soros has been convicted of insider trading. So if he wants to come to me and say, hey, look, you were convicted in a court of law for insider trading, that’s really how these people make their money. They know what’s going to happen in the market. So hey, they can put a billion dollar bet on something knowing full well what’s going to happen because they’re going to be the ones moving the market.

Courtenay Turner [50:00]
No, because they’ve manipulated it.

Alex Newman [50:02]
Precisely. They control the central banks. I’ve actually I called the the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta years ago, as I look, you know, I keep hearing that you guys are privately owned, like, What’s the story? Are you guys privately owned? They put me in touch? Oh, yeah, we are. So So who owns you? Well, our member banks, well, who are you remember banks? Well, any banks in this region who wants to own shares in the Federal Reserve who are subject to our regulation and all the rest of it, and they choose our board members, and they elect our president, and they choose our policies, and we pay them dividends? Right. So we do have a private banking cartel, very much affiliated with the Rothschilds, very much affiliated with the ruling classes of Europe that go back centuries, that are at war with humanity that are at war with the concept of a constantly, you know, they never forgave us for saying, Hey, we don’t want any part of that we’re gonna set up a new government, God gave us rights. We don’t respect you. We don’t honor your phony laws, and never forgave us. And so they’re still after us to this day. They think they can taste victory, whether they’ll get it, I think, is in God’s hands at this point. But it’s not an excuse to lay down and quit fighting. But it’s a crazy time. Well, you

Eric Shine [51:06]
did mention to about on Mike Adams program review, that these people are evil, and I need to touch on that. Because whether you are faith based or not, you need to realize that these people are your enemy. They are evil, and they want you dead. All of us. They want all of us dead. I mean, they’re members of a death cult for precisely.

Alex Newman [51:29]
And that’s not speculation. We’ve got video, right? We’ve got video of their little rituals at the Bohemian Grove, sacrificing what they claim as a human effigy and effigy of a child in front of a 40 foot stone Owl and chanting about forest spirits and is going to set us free and all this nonsense. I mean, it’s absolutely bonkers. If you approach this from a secular perspective, I don’t know how you explain that stuff is frankly very weird. And the same thing with the skull and bones, right? A Skull and Bones is another great example. You’ve got these weirdos doing death rituals and mock sacrifices and laying in coffins and masturbating and kissing skulls, like what in the world is going on here? So to me, it’s crystal clear. These people are evil, they’re absolutely evil to their core. And I think the Bible really gives us the best explanation. When you read the Bible and you look at reality, they match up perfectly. The Bible talks about this spiritual war that has been ongoing, from the time that Satan deceived Eve. And in, for example, in Ephesians 612 is a verse I go to a lot of talks about, wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, against principalities, against spiritual wickedness, the forces of darkness in high places. We’re talking about Satan and demons and their minions on this planet. And, you know, the Bible gives very, very clear definitions on who’s who, what their objective is, they hate God, they hate the church, they hate everything that God has defined as good. They view as evil everything that God has defined as evil, they view as good. That’s why they love abortion and sacrificing babies. That’s why they love lying and stealing and war and plundering and you know, every wicked thing you can think of, that’s why they’re teaching our children that they can chop off their private parts and become a new gender. It’s because they’re sick. They are servants of the the rulers of darkness.

Eric Shine [53:12]
And they love to torture.

Alex Newman [53:14]
They do. They absolutely do. And I mean, this came out that our government was involved in this. And, you know, nobody was prosecuted for this, or actually, they hacked into the the computer systems or the congressional committee that was investigating, that all came out. Again, nobody was prosecuted. I mean, it’s absolutely bonkers. But you know, there, there is really good news for those of you who are Christian, and you just turned the end of the book, and you see how this ends. It’s not going to go well, for the people who who refuse to repent of this evil that they’re involved in. And their day is coming every day that passes. We’re one day closer to that. And I don’t know when it’s coming, but it is coming. So

Courtenay Turner [53:49]
thank you for that. Let’s really have one thing you did say. And we were we were touching on this a little bit before you got on is that, you know, you said that this is what you believe in, in God’s hands. And one of the things we were talking about is how this country was founded on Judeo Christian principles. And you know that regardless of whether you are a Jew or a Christian, those principles are woven into our founding documents. And one of those main principles is that we are endowed with an alienable rights. However, it’s my belief that it is incumbent upon the will of man to defend those rights, because God, you know, or whatever your belief may be, gave us free will. So what do you think we’re seeing so much corruption right now? We’re seeing so much evil for lack of a better way of putting it. What I do think it is their responsibility. I personally believe that this country was divine intervention against tyrannical forces. We have freewill embedded into the culture of our society and our laws. So I think it’s incumbent upon the citizens to defend that. What do you think that we as Americans can do to preserve the free will of humanity?

Alex Newman [54:57]
I couldn’t agree with you more every word you just said. Beautiful Spoken absolutely correct. And you know, if you go back and you study the real history of the United States, the real history of our founding, it bears almost no resemblance to the garbage. They teach the poor children in the government brainwash camps today. But they’re what they actually got these principles straight out of the Bible. Right? Sam Adams, who’s considered the father of the revolution, he created the committees of correspondence. If you read his writings, I encourage everybody just go to the primary source documents, turn off the TV to shut down the fake textbooks from the school and just read what they wrote. Sam Adams said, if you want to know what are the God given rights of mankind, all you got to do is open up your Bible, just open up your New Testament, and they’re listed right there. Every man has a right to life, every man has a right to liberty, everybody has a right to the pursuit of happiness into property. And these are I mean, even non Christians know these things. Right? God said, Thou shalt not murder. That means nobody has a right to your life. God said, Thou shalt not steal. Nobody has a right to your property. So they distill these principles out of the Bible, they said, Look, this king is a tyrant. They believe that rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God. And they said, we’re not gonna put up with it. So they appeal to the king. He ignored them, they appealed to the parliament, the parliament ignore them, they appeal to the to the puppet judges of the crown, they ignore them. And they said, finally, you know what, we’re done. We’re gonna appeal to heaven. That was actually our first flag appeal to heaven with a you know, little Christmas tree on it, is that we’re gonna appeal and they said this in the Declaration of Independence, we’re appealing to the Supreme judge of the universe, because the king won’t listen, and the parliament won’t listen. Well, the Supreme judge of the universe did listen. And so you had this most ridiculous, absurd situation where a bunch of ragtag farmers and rebels were going to go up against the most powerful empire, really, in the history of the planet. I mean, it was warships, they could have decimated any civilization on Earth. They said, well, we’re gonna go up against you, and we’ve got our squirrel shooters here. And you know, we don’t have uniforms yet, but we’re gonna hide behind the trees, we’re gonna take potshots at you, and they won. So I think their appeal to heaven was successful. And I think we’re in another one of those moments right now. We’ve appealed to the Supreme Court, we’ve appealed to the Congress, we’ve appealed to the Department of Justice, we’ve appealed to the FBI, and they ignore us at every point. In fact, they just make the tyranny more brutal, and they offend us worse, and they spit in our faces. And so now I think we’re in another time in American history where Hey, we need to appeal to heaven. Let God wipe it all clean. But you’re right, Courtney, we have an obligation to defend our liberties. And if we don’t, then, you know, don’t go blaming anybody else for losing your liberties. Yeah, yeah, you can whine about Congress, you can whine about the Supreme Court. But if you aren’t involved in trying to protect your rights, and trying to defend our liberties and defend our civilization, then you’re just as guilty as Congress and the Supreme Court. So we all have a duty to do that as for what we can do. You know, I think it really starts with an awareness that we need to be praying, we need to ask for God’s intervention, because what we’re dealing with is so huge. It’s so monstrous, they’ve got control of Congress, and the Supreme Court and the fake media and the schools. They’ve got this huge Arsenal arrayed against us. But God laughs at these things, it tells us in Psalm two, verse four, God laughs at these little tyrants in their conspiracies to wage war against God, he laughs at this, so we need to appeal to him, we also need to understand. I think, some elements of military strategy, and I’m not advocating armed rebellion in any sense. In fact, at this point, I think it would be beyond few times, the weapons of today really are not any more firearms and things like that. Now, we’ve got jet planes, we’ve got drones, we’ve got cyber warfare, you know, it’s really a very different time than it was during our founding era. But we do need to understand some basic concepts of military strategy. And I go back to sunsoo. I say this all the time, I feel like a broken record. But we need to understand sunsoo explained, if you don’t know yourself, you don’t know your enemy, you’re gonna lose every battle. If you want to win every battle, the first thing you need to do is you need to know who you are, what are your capabilities, you know, and this begins with an understanding of our history. What does it mean to be an American? What is America even supposed to be? What does it say in our founding documents? What did our founders believe? Why did we declare and these are fundamental things that we must know. And as sad as it is, your average american today is completely clueless about these things. So begins with educating ourselves about who we are as a people as a nation. And then we need to know who is the enemy, the enemy, you know, for simplicity’s sake, I call it the deep state i just released. There we go. I just released a book on the deep state, if anybody’s interested. It’s called Deep State, the visible government behind the scenes. Just a handy, very, very simple, it’s nothing complicated, you know, fifth grader could read it. But it gives you a really good overview of what we’re dealing with. So I go through the Council on Foreign Relations, you know, and their affiliate, the Royal Institute for International Affairs in the UK. I go through the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, you know, the important organizations that you need to know, and then how they operate, how they deceive us how they wage war on our societies and our freedoms. And then the third section is how do we fight back against this? And so, you know, aside from knowing the enemy, knowing ourselves, I think one of the most important things that an average person can do, you know, everybody wants some like silver bullet, and oh, we’re just Going to solve it by doing this one little thing is not going to happen. It’s just it’s not that simple. But I think and this is it used to be very controversial. It used to be very fringe to say this now it’s kind of moved into the mainstream, you’ve got to get your children out of the government’s indoctrination centers. That is why we have become a nation of idiots. That is why our children hate their country and hate their family and hate the church and hate liberty and want to burn down buildings and get rid of free speech. Because they’ve been brainwashed. They’ve been dumbed down, most of them can’t even read their high school diplomas properly. That’s the reality of America today. So parents, it sounds so simple. I know. It’s hard. I know, it means less money. I know, it means you’re gonna have to live in a smaller house and drive an older car, guess what your kids are worth it, your country is worth it. And so I tell people, maybe the most important thing that an average everyday parent can do is just get your children out of the system, homeschool and find a good private school, not one of these elite ritzy private schools training the future managerial class of the New World Order, but a good, you know, school that teaches critical thinking classical classical education. And so you know, I’ll leave it with that I could ramble on about this for ages. But I think those are the key points. So

Courtenay Turner [1:01:07]
no, thank you so much. Yeah, right. Exactly. Amen. Very well said. And I couldn’t agree more with all of that. I guess maybe to wrap this up. One of the things I’d like to talk about is we have a crucial day coming up. I’m actually going to be seeing next week for the six. Yes. So I’m curious to hear your thoughts on what’s going to happen on the six and moving forward. Yeah.

Alex Newman [1:01:32]
I’m so glad to hear you’ll be in DC, I would be there if if not for baby is scheduled to arrive the very next day. And that means baby could arrive a week before or a week later. So they’re not leaving my wife. She would be very mad at me. She’s very understanding, but not that understanding. And so yeah, I think there’s a real chance for some interesting things to happen on January 6, I was very pleased to see senator Josh Holley say he was gonna challenge. So now we have both houses, we have a challenge in both houses of Congress. They’re gonna have to address that. I you know, I know a lot of people are counting on pets to do the right thing. I would not hold my breath counting on Pepsi.

Courtenay Turner [1:02:07]
They’ve gotten a lot of flack for saying it. But yeah, but it’s true. I hope he does. I do too.

Alex Newman [1:02:12]
I do too. But you know what, I wrote an article right when Trump named him and I said, Look, this guy’s got a very checkered path. Yeah, he talks like CIA. He, you know, he says the right things. He know what he knows what to say, to win an election. He however, right, his rhetoric doesn’t match his actions. He was a big supporter of these globalist trade deals. You know, he betrayed the the conservatives in Indiana when he was governor on these LGBT issues. You know, first it looked like he was going to come through and then hot, just kidding. Now, it’s going to be worse than it was before. So I wouldn’t trust pence to step in and save the day. But there is a real chance for some significant things to happen on January 6, and I still think there’s a decent chance that Trump will serve another term in office. So but it’s going to take everybody being involved, the Supreme Court is not going to save you Congress is not going to save you. Even Trump is not going to save us. But incredible things do happen. There’s a lot of people praying. And you know, I hope everybody will be involved going to DC is a good thing. I will say one word of caution, about going to DC and I don’t mean this in any way to dissuade people I want people to go, but I was speaking with some medical doctors, some of whom have been advising the White House on these issues. And one of the things that they’ve been warning me about for months was a COVID 20, or a COVID 21. Emerging, it looks like we may be there. Now with this new strain. Maybe it’s not this one. And one of the things that one of these doctors said to me that really stuck with me was Hey, what if everybody goes to DC and gets this new COVID then goes home and infects their family and all their Trump supporters will have 80 million Trump supporters who are sick on January 20, when we might really really need them to come together. And so I tell people quit listening to the mainstream media about COVID. If you can find a way to get yourself some hydroxychloroquine. I’m not a doctor. But I’ve interviewed many, many, many doctors, I’ve got a supply for myself prescribed by a doctor. There’s lots of different doctors who will prescribe it. So find a way to get some of that make sure you’ve got a good supply of zinc and some vitamin D, because you can beat this thing, in fact, fairly easily. But you can’t do it the way the media wants you to do it. The media would be just as happy to see us all dead. And so turn off the TV. Go go listen to doctors. alenko. Right. He’s been he’s been working with the white house for a long time now. He has a treatment regimen that has been phenomenal in terms of results when treating Coronavirus cases. So listen to some of these real medical, his Twitter just got deleted. So you might have to look kind of hard to to find it. But there are good medical professionals out there giving good medical advice, and I encourage all Trump supporters. God bless you. Thank you for going to DC on January 6, but take some medical precautions just in case.

Eric Shine [1:04:48]
Amen again.

Courtenay Turner [1:04:49]
Thank you. Well, I do want to be respectful of your time. Thank you so much for coming today. Do you have any thing you want to leave us with any final closing words of wisdom Thank you guys

Alex Newman [1:05:01]
so much for having me. It’s an honor to be with you. I really appreciate what you guys are doing. If people want to find more, I’m the senior editor at the new American magazine. If you don’t subscribe yet, it’s a great publication. It goes out twice a month, you can sign up, it’ll come to you in the mail, and you can get the daily headlines in your email. I also am the founder and editor of liberty Sentinel, it’s my personal website, I just post stuff up there, either that I write or that people I know write that I think is important. I write for the epic times I write for Wilmette, daily, and Freedom Project media, you can find me on all the social medias, I’m spending more and more time on parlour and less and less on Facebook and Twitter. But you know, people want more, you can always get in touch with me all those ways. And I thank you once again, Eric, and coordinate. Thank you guys so much for having me. Thank you for what you’re doing. God bless you guys. And I look forward to staying in touch.

Courtenay Turner [1:05:47]
Thank you. Eric, do you have anything? Final? You want to ask her add? Me? Yeah.

Eric Shine [1:05:54]
I don’t know how I can follow up on that. Except, you know, God bless for all your hard work. Everything that you’ve written all that you’re doing. One man can make a difference. And, you know, what is the old adage of all that is required for evil men to succeed is for good men and include good women like Courtney and others to do nothing. Yes,

Alex Newman [1:06:23]
that’s right. Amen. Yeah. So and I encourage everybody just get involved. Everybody can do something and all of us together, it can have a really significant impact in turning this around, defeating this evil, restoring our liberties, restoring our republic and creating a better future for our children and our grandchildren. So

Courtenay Turner [1:06:39]

Eric Shine [1:06:43]
request, Alex, if you could, is start bringing up about the Merchant Marine, American flag shipping, because it’s such an important point. And if it becomes a kinetic war, with China, or whomever we are Merchant Marine has been decimated. 97% of international cargo is going by foreign flag coming in and going into the United States. So

Alex Newman [1:07:08]
that’s crazy. I did not know that. I appreciate the information, though. And if you have more, please send it over to me. I’d love to learn more on that. So

Courtenay Turner [1:07:16]
and it gets amended, there is just one more thing I would like to end on is, you know, let’s hope it on the six that we have really good news and moving forward for our nation, and for the free will of humanity. But if perchance the six does not go as we hope, what do you see that they’re still half and you know, good possibilities moving forward and what we can do them? Yeah,

Alex Newman [1:07:41]
yeah, there’s a lot of military people who are urging the president to consider invoking the insurrection act. I’ve interviewed some very knowledgeable people on this topic. And they’ve suggested that that not only would be his his right and his prerogative to do that, but maybe his duty, you know that what they explained is that we’re actually in a war here. This is a war, Communist China and a treasonous fifth column in the United States is trying to hijack our country, we cannot let them get their hands on our armed forces. It’s critical. And, you know, other than that, I tell people to you got to pray because this is an incredibly serious situation. We’re going to need God’s assistance if we’re going to come out of the other end. Okay. So,

Eric Shine [1:08:17]
God bless you.

Alex Newman [1:08:19]
Thank you guys. God bless you too

Courtenay Turner [1:08:22]
much. Thanks, guys. New Year and congrats on your fifth child.

Alex Newman [1:08:29]
Thank you guys. And Happy New Year to you to

Courtenay Turner [1:08:32]
take care. Bye, bye. Awesome. Well, that was still live and recording. Right. He’s still live recording. That’s awesome.

Eric Shine [1:08:41]
Yeah. Yeah. Well, anything we can do to get him out more. And get him heard. Because he’s so articulate. He’s so well read. So well written. He knows about the bigger picture and what’s going on? Absolutely. And I think it is, you know, he touches on it being evil in the a lot of these people from as you call them, the left and

Courtenay Turner [1:09:09]
the left in terms of the ideology. Oh, I’m just using me now. Okay. Yeah, just

Eric Shine [1:09:15]
a hard time again, but that it really is,

Courtenay Turner [1:09:20]
you know, it wouldn’t be a good coach relationship. If you didn’t, you know, I think over the course, yeah. So

Eric Shine [1:09:27]
tension. point was that it is I don’t want to say faith based whatever your faith is, you know, that’s up to you. Yeah. But it is about the bigger picture if you want to remove names and Christianity and moslem and whatever this is about good and evil.

Courtenay Turner [1:09:51]
It absolutely is. I think that that is it. In contrast to Germany was about good and evil. It’s incontrovertible. You know, as much as you know, communism is a part of this whole thing, you know, it’s a part of this bigger web, as we were just talking about. However, we have seen that communism has been the tool to let that lead to hundreds of millions of deaths, it always does every time. And that’s evil. I don’t know any other way to describe evil than to kill hundreds of millions of people,

Eric Shine [1:10:24]
when they’re taking our civil defense systems. Like Like, in ancient times, in a kingdom, it was the wall and the moat, and more of those were civil defense systems, right? To where those that are carrying this on have not only infiltrated like the Chinese have more recently, our government and have taken it over and done things like passing the federal Administrative Procedure Act, or title five, in 1947, where it married all three of the great powers together under one branch under the executive branch that was 73 years ago. Right. So it’s like, people are waking up now. And you better start studying hard and start working hard and start waking up real quick. Because we’re so far down that slippery slope that, you know, we’re to the point of time. Like, you know,

Courtenay Turner [1:11:18]
don’t disappear, don’t disappear. Yeah, it is time for us to fight back. I think that, uh, you know, we can probably wrap up on that, I think that it’s time to fight back. People need to be educated. Do you know, they need to understand what their rights are and what their liberties are? And then we need to defend them before they’re gone. Why,

Eric Shine [1:11:38]
you know, as and this is, you know, we’ve talked about circle the wagons like, yep, even around myself, and there’s absolutely nothing. But even like with Alex a simple one, is to buy his books.

Courtenay Turner [1:11:50]
Yep. And I think that that absolutely is to speak to your point about circle of wagons and about supporting, we need to support patriots, I think that is really important. We need to get people out there to create a circle of wagons around you to help you out and, you know, defend you. And we need to support, you know, people like Alex, who are putting forth really good, valuable information and standing for traditional American values. And, you know, risk, really a huge part of restoring America, because America is not just a it’s not a land, it’s an idea. It’s a concept. And you know, if the idea Oh, yeah, exactly. Freedom. And if the ideas die, and the people let those ideas die, America dies. And we can’t let that happen. Because America stands for the free will of humanity,

Eric Shine [1:12:43]
when they’re in and America has been set up. And I believe it’s, you know, by our founders and all those who supported them, because they didn’t do it alone. Just like these people have not done this alone. They haven’t

Courtenay Turner [1:12:56]
Nobody does it alone. And that is why it’s so important to support people like you support people like him support my show, Courtney Turner,

Eric Shine [1:13:04]
The Courtenay Turner podcast and our new, we still haven’t come up with a name. But

Courtenay Turner [1:13:10]
yeah, well, we’ll take suggestions. So we’ll put this out there. And then maybe some of our audience will have some ideas for us.

Eric Shine [1:13:16]
If not, anyone who has any tech skills, um, you know, because, you know, we’ve talked about looking for an executive producer, funding GoFundMe page, etc, etc. website and more, to be able to get editor to be able to get your podcasts and our podcasts out. And to the general public, much quicker, much broader, more refined, and hopefully, I can do something about my lighting and

Courtenay Turner [1:13:54]
production value goes along. Yeah, yeah. So Alright, so we’re good. Yes. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. What an amazing way to start the year. tell people where they can find you.

Eric Shine [1:14:11]
Through Courtney Turner podcast,

Courtenay Turner [1:14:13]
yeah. According to podcast,

Eric Shine [1:14:15]
I mean, I’m out there people can find me but probably the best and I hate to be a little standoffish is you know, I’m coming under quote unquote friendly fire.

Courtenay Turner [1:14:29]
Like no. Three now. We’ll have it under the green Turner podcast. You can all find

Eric Shine [1:14:34]
me Korean. They can pass on information and stuff and but I do need just to end it with this. That this is how corrupt and how evil these people are. They’ve used administrative law which shouldn’t exist is unconstitutional. You can go to Philip palm burger and his book is administrative law unlawful. They created it 73 years ago. We’ve been living under it for that long. It marries the three great powers together. But our civil service in the federal government has used administrative law to redefine what Congress said it was. And created as in the Coast Guard, from a civil service, federal maritime police force into a Special Branch of military that can administer civilian affairs that can adjudicate civilian law that can use military jag personnel to prosecute civilians. And I’m telling you this at from personal experience, because I’ve witnessed it myself, and I know this stuff by the you know, the back of my hand, Yeah, boy to a federal military service Academy that was paid for by the taxpayers. And I’m trying to still not just defend myself but in by doing it, defend the country.

Courtenay Turner [1:15:57]
Absolutely. And to defend the freedom of the citizens of this country. It doesn’t happen to other people. Yeah, thank you for fighting the good fight. Happy New Year!