Courtenay Turner's Story

Courtenay Turner was born with congenital rubella. Her mother had the German measles during first trimester of pregnancy. Some of the ramifications including but not limited to unilateral blindness, severe bilateral hearing impairment, hypotonia affecting the limbs, heart complications, asymmetrical bone development, stunted growth, for fine and graphic motor coordination and several other afflictions.

Doctors told her parents the best they could hope was to find an institution to put her in for life. From the baby nurse who put her in a wet sandbox, to her grandfather building a balance beam and exercises that her mother developed, or childhood gymnastics and other individualized sports, Courtenay is a prime example of how movement is integral to development and healing!

She attributes her ability to overcome lack of motion parallax depth perception, for vestibular sense, hypotonic muscles and poor coordination to the movement practices she has emerged from infancy through adulthood. Shields to inspire others to find ways to inhabit their physical home and moving in ways that heal their mind, body and spirit.

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